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Customer Reviews

John Becket -
"I was so moved by this wonderful storyline. It combines sadness at a loss and hope for a new beginning. The fine acting just brings these concepts to life so eloquently and effortlessly. For anyone who may have lost love but is now searching for what you lost, this is a perfect antidote to just yearning on your own. The eroticism is so well executed that it never feels overdone or overexposed - and at times is humorous and just plain fun. I loved this movie!"

Pat Mayo -
"Films can inspire. Films can entertain. Films can make us think. This film does it all. This is a film that transcends gender and sexual orientation. It touches the humanity in us all. It is a love story that allows us to witness the relinquishing of the death of one love (in this case a real death) and the opening to new possibilities learned from the lessons of that love. It is about moving on and embracing the hope of the future while honoring the past. Thank you for taking us on this heartfelt journey."

Momo Supreme aka KWL -
"How often have we forgotten the simple pleasures of loving and remembering someone? I watched this movie with my boyfriend, and it made us recall how love can be very simple, yet exciting, and full of surprises. When someone leaves, it can be both sad and joyous. When someone enters, he is actually returning in another form. I like this movie cos its a story told simply and poignantly, not like many gay-themed movies that portray gay people as either incorrigible party-queens, or as tragic subjects destined for heartbreak and discrimination. Still, there are enough kinky bits California-style to make this a racy movie with some twists."